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 Special Rules?

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PostSubject: Special Rules?   Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:45 am

So I was dueling my friend one on one using Rocks

After a few matchs he was going on about how I run around and there are special rules for a Rock match

Apparently no guns and no running

The no guns part I have heard about but I have no idea about what no running is about

Apparently dodging my friend's attacks and attacking him while he misses is considered running

Seriously? do they charge straight at each other to see who swings faster in those special rock rooms?

And also these rooms go off in the style of 1 on 1 and apparently they do this "challenge" thing by swinging the weapon once so the 8 people just go around challenging each other in a 1 on 1

I do know of Sword fights but that's just team battle with only sword

Speaking of these last time, we had a free for all battle and I came up on top

And then this friend of mine starts going on how bad the kill stealing is and he says the fights should be done 1 on 1 and the guy should wait until the other finishs before attacking

So I'm like okay and then halfway through the match he start to complain how I stole his kill and breaking the rules which I seriously have no idea what he is talking about I was trying to be careful not to kill steal and even ignored some fights and I simply attacked someone who I thought was alone cause I don't see him fighting anyone and then he calls me a liar and it is somehow impossible to see him not fighting him and all that stuff flaming me before leaving the room

I still came up on top by the way

Anyway do these rules actually exist?
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PostSubject: Re: Special Rules?   Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:33 am

yea... don't bring a gun to a knife fight...
If its 1v1 melee, weapon 1 only and u can't use special.

But i think what ur describing is round robin... they got their own rules and everyone's is different. so its their fault for not being clear.

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Special Rules?
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