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 SDGO KR Cash Shop w/ Yanli paypal

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PostSubject: SDGO KR Cash Shop w/ Yanli paypal   Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:06 pm

This is completely legit and i got vouches. There's no limit on how many packs of 10k u wish to buy just that its the minimum since paypal charges 30 cents per transaction on top of the 3% fee.

Zeirnaton wrote:
your sending the money to a guy that alucius knows

just make sure that when your sending the money its in "USD"

you must buy cash points in multiples of 10,000 which equals out to be $9.25, or 20,000 for $18.5 or 40,000 for $37 you get what im saying.

all you gotta do when you get ready to send the money make sure you leave him a message in both the subject and body saying

for ex :

subject-----------(login name) SDGO 20,000 cash
Body-------------(login name) SDGO 20,000 cash and then in game name

ne ways the guys paypal email is

In case u don't understand Zeir's comment.

Sent $$$$ in sets of $9.25/10k cash to Then
Subject: Your Login name + SDGO 20,000 cash
Body: Your Login name + SDGO 20,000 cash

Edit: Curse Korea and their good Economy, the value of Won went up, price is now $18.5 for 20k

Edit: Now require also ur in game name to be added in body. It'll serve as a background check until ebay can get up.

Be awed by my prowess!

-Keigo Atobe
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SDGO KR Cash Shop w/ Yanli paypal
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