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 Iknowyou's [Proxy] Pictorial Guide to Bypassing IP Ban

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PostSubject: Iknowyou's [Proxy] Pictorial Guide to Bypassing IP Ban   Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:29 am

NEW: I am now offering help to set this up for people via Teamviewer (remote access). However, do make sure you complete your registration with Amazon first ! So just go and register on ggFTW and flick me a PM.. set up process should only take about 10 minutes. Cheers!

PS: If registering Amazon is a problem for you, then you can also find someone who is willing to share their virtual server with you and skip to section B of this guide. From my experience, lag is usually not an issue when sharing with 2-4 people....anyways, PM me if you require further help on this.

This is a proxy tutorial designed to help US players overcome IP Ban that was implemented by Wasabii after the 21/02/12 maintenance. Of course, if Wasabii ends up IP banning SEA region, this guide can also help you get pass the ban.

I thought that I would make a guide for players who are unfamiliar with setting up a proxy and also because Amazon Web Services is offering a free EC2 virtual server for newly registered users for a period of 12 month. Not only do you get a free 12 month worth of proxy, the virtual server is very fast, as the connection is not shared amongst other users.

What exactly happens when you play Gundam via a proxy?
Your Computer --> Host Computer (Proxy Server) --> Gundam Server
In this case, you are connecting to the Gundam server via a different IP. This allows you to bypass the IP ban, provided that the Host computer isn't in the banned region.

Reset (thanks for guiding me thru some of the complications I had)

Please do note that this is a "FREE" Proxy, but is just as good, if not, better than "PAID" Proxies out there. Or else I wouldn't have made this post... Let me just emphasise that again. This is not like the slow free proxy that you may have used in the past. I received minimal lag running gundam through this proxy when I tested it!

Let us begin!

[SIZE="7"]A. Set up a Virtual Server[/SIZE]

1) Sign up to Amazon Web Services here Amazon Web Services (Note: credit card is required to complete your registration - however you will not be charged for using EC2 service for the first 12 months. From memory, it takes approximately 24 hours to confirm your registration)

2) Download the following tools
Putty - application used for tunneling (
Puttygen - key authenticator (
Proxifier - a proxy program that I use (

3) Log in to your Amazon account

4) Select your EC2 Region. You obviously select a region that isn't IP Banned by Wasabii. In this tut, I have selected South America.

5) Click on the "Launch Instance" button.

6) Go with "Classic Wizard" and click "Continue"

7) Select the "Basic 32-bit Amazon Linux AMI 2011.09 (AMI Id: ami-3e3be423)" option, as this is the only free virtual server Amazon is offering.

Cool Click continue until you get to "Create Key Pair". Enter the name of your key pair. For example, I've named mine "gundam". Then click "Create & Download your Key Pair" to download your .pem file.

9) Create a new Security Group. You can name it anything really. For example:
Group Name: Proxy
Group Description: SSH
Change the rule to SSH by clicking on the drop-down-list.
-Click "Add Rule"- & -Click "Continue"-

10) Click "Launch" and WALA!!! You have just created a virtual server in the region you have selected.

[SIZE="7"]B. Connect to your Virtual Server[/SIZE]

1) Open Puttygen.exe

2) Click "Load" and set the file path to "All Files"

3) Locate and open the key file you've downloaded.

4) Click "Save private key" and click "Yes" to save without a Passphrase.

5) Name the file whatever you want. It should save as a .ppk file. For example Gundam.ppk.

6) "Close" puttygen.exe & "Open" Putty.exe.

7) Under Host Name (or IP address) write: ec2-user@"Your Public DNS
for example:

To find your Public DNS, click on your instance and scroll down the details section under "Description"

Cool Navigate to Connection --> SSH --> Auth

Click on "Browse" and "Open" the .ppk file you created using Puttygen.

9) Navigate to Connection --> SSH --> Tunnels

Select "Dynamic" and enter "8080" into Source Port
-Click "Add"-

10) Go back to "Session", type in a random name and save your session.

11) Click "Open" and click "Yes" to the pop up. Bang! You now have a putty session!

[SIZE="7"]C. Proxy[/SIZE]

1) Install Proxifier.

2) Click "Profile" --> "Profile Servers"

3) Click "Add" and fill out the details as below
Address: localhost
Port: 8080

-Click "Check" to check and see if everything is working thus far i.e. connection to virtual server is a success-

4) Click "Ok" and MAKE SURE YOU click "NO" to "Do you want to use this proxy by default"

5) Click Ok and click "YES" to "Do you want to edit proxy rules now"

6) Click "Add"

Enter a "Name" for your proxification rule.

Under "Applications", Click "Browse" and select GOnline.exe from your Gundam Directory (Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\SD GUNDAM Online). Click "Browse" again and select GUpdate_TAIWAN.exe from your Gundam Directory. Now Gundam will operate through the proxy.

Under "Action", select "Proxy SOCKS5 localhost"

7) Click "Ok" and save your profile under "Files" --> "Save your profile as"

Cool You can now play Gundam through your proxy!

You are always welcome to PM me or Post any questions you have Smile Have fun!

Further notes:
-Remember to leave your putty session on at all times, or else you won't be connected to your virtual server! If you accidentally close your putty session, simply reopen putty.exe and "load" & "open" your saved putty session.

-Proxifier is a 30 days trial edition. After 30 days, you will have to enter a key which will cost you $40 USD to be able to use the program. However, I have a key that can be used by unlimited number of users, so do throw me a PM if you ever need one.

-You can always try selecting a different region (better ping?) other than South America, by terminating your existing EC2 server / key and start from the beginning.

Once again, all credit goes to Iknowyou from ggftw. It works for me.

Be awed by my prowess!

-Keigo Atobe
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PostSubject: Re: Iknowyou's [Proxy] Pictorial Guide to Bypassing IP Ban   Wed Mar 21, 2012 2:43 pm

Excellent article. Just ONE little issue....

What happens after 12 month trial is over? Not to be negative, but I'm betting you go back to square one. Blocked.

Good short term bypass, but then what?

I'm so pissed at Wasabii, I'm not gonna come back unless they get rid of the IP ban. Which is pretty unlikely.
smoke break


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PostSubject: Re: Iknowyou's [Proxy] Pictorial Guide to Bypassing IP Ban   Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:10 pm

pretty sure the IP ban gonna be go away in about a year time at the longest if they plan to remove it. Otherwise, you got nothing to lose. Plus, Diablo III would be out. =p

Be awed by my prowess!

-Keigo Atobe
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PostSubject: Re: Iknowyou's [Proxy] Pictorial Guide to Bypassing IP Ban   

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Iknowyou's [Proxy] Pictorial Guide to Bypassing IP Ban
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