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 Playing Sazabi

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PostSubject: Playing Sazabi   Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:33 am

I need some tips on playing Sazabi, I've searched a few youtube videos but none show an ownage Sazabi. My main tactic is just kite like a mofo, laser with only arm sticking out of wall. Fire while swapping between wep 1 and 2 in ranged mode(harder than hyaku 2/3 switching, ugh). Is it better to horizontal or vert boost while kiting, since it's a scissors? Derp seems like obvious answer that either would be fine but you never know. The melee of it is surprisingly strong. Also when kiting rocks and it's in the open, is the best bet to boost to side, back, or over and behind? If in a map with obstacles, I mostly want to hop from building to building right? I'm starting to like this unit a lot more than T3 or WZC.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing Sazabi   Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:08 pm

i would recommend boosting to the side to avoid rocks. boosting back will allow easy hits from a vulcan or beam rifle. also, you should never let a rock get behind you as a scissor. i got behind a sazabi once with my shining gundam and took it from full to no hp with one combo. either hop from building to building or use them as cover by jumping, shooting, and then get behind them again. switching weapons while firing is always good. other then that i dont own a sazabi but these are the basics while playing almost all scissor types and practically every ms in the game except for a few.
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Playing Sazabi
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