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 Patch Problem

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PostSubject: Patch Problem   Patch Problem Icon_minitimeSun Apr 22, 2012 7:10 pm

Hi there i have a question i have 3 Problems since the latest Update.
First of all i can't open the Game udater like i always did doubble left click. I have to do an Rigth click on the Icon and click on open as an Admin!
Second and also my third problem i can still play PVP and Hystory missions like Jaburo Base and so on but after i finished an PVP match the game just shut down it self with the warning Acess Violation or something like that and the self goes for the Story missions but i need to be victourios before the game just shut down.
Did anybody knows why this is?
I'm gratefull for every advice you can give me!
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Patch Problem
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